New pilot will explore next-gen learning technologies

IU recently kicked off a two-year pilot to assess next-generation learning technologies. By signing agreements with technology providers such as CourseNetworking LLC and Instructure Inc, the university will evaluate new tools, systems, and approaches that can best support the changing needs of students and faculty.

next gen learning

How it works

Broad adoption and use of Oncourse has put IU in a good position to assess which combinations of institutional, cloud, open source, and commercial tools can best serve IU’s future. The pilots will start with a small number of trials in the fall semester before expanding in spring 2013. Software options will evolve each semester based on in-depth feedback and insights by faculty and students on all IU campuses.

Additional highlights:

• Faculty members can opt-in to new trials each semester.
• Campus centers for teaching and learning will work with UITS to provide support, options, and guidance.
• IU will continue providing support and access to existing learning management systems and tools.

In a nutshell: CourseNetworking and Canvas

CourseNetworking, or the CN, is an academic social networking site that connects teachers and students from IU with others around the world based on shared interests and class subjects. The CN complements learning management systems such as Oncourse by providing social learning opportunities through communities and discussion groups.

Canvas by Instructure is a rapidly growing, cloud-based service that helps improve student and faculty collaboration by integrating web services such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, SMS, social media, and RSS. The media-rich platform also features grading rubrics and an interface that lets teachers quickly score, provide feedback, and engage in dialogue with students.

How to participate

For more information, including pilot registration, frequently asked questions, and updates, visit


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