Think inside the Box (Box at IU, that is)

Box at IU gives you so much more than 50GB of no-cost storage. You can use it for simple, secure collaboration — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Box logo* Integration with IUanyWare
* Easy file uploads and sharing
* Access via mobile apps
* Shared online workspaces
* Task assignments
* Real-time updates

For example, did you know you can use Box Sync to access files (documents, images, PDFs, audio, and video) on your desktop even when you’re offline? Also, once content is in your Box account, you’ll have convenient access on mobile devices and computers in other locations.

That means you can finally ditch portable storage like USB drives, and stop having to deal with file sprawl across multiple computers.

Here are a few more scenarios, to help you wrap your head around all Box at IU may be able to do for you.


* Students *Box workspaces

Collaborate on group projects in a shared online workspace, where anyone you invite can view, edit, and upload files

Share documents with peer mentors or writing tutors, and have them comment on your work (Box provides real-time updates and email notifications, so you know as soon as they provide feedback)

Access files from field or lab settings outside of the classroom — if you’re part of a team, you can keep making changes and exchanging ideas in your shared workspace


* Faculty *

Box collaborationRelease documents to students based on a pre-established schedule or workflow — you can provide read-only access, or opt to let students make comments or revisions in a shared group space

Exchange work with colleagues at IU and elsewhere, setting up ad hoc groups to further your research, teaching, and service

Create a space for professional travel, so you have on-the-go access to files (even large videos and presentations) — and you can email materials and receipts directly to your Box at IU account

Lead group projects with substantial privacy requirements, providing time-sensitive access to shared documents while group members remain invisible to one another


* Staff *Box updates

Share a whole folder of files (e.g., for a search committee or departmental meeting) with multiple people simply by sending a link

Maintain a welcome package, donor mailing, or media kit for sharing — you can include everything from PDF tip sheets to audio and video

Upload and share pictures — from any device — while you’re out and about

Distribute documents (such as meeting agendas, proposals, and planning documents) for comments, idea sharing, and review


For more about Box at IU, see:

To create an account, just log in with your IU user ID and passphrase at:

(For step-by-step instructions and a video on secure setup, visit and

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