Explore the IQ-Wall in the CIB

Have you visited the Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) recently? If so, you’ve likely marveled at the IQ-Wall in the atrium.

Created and maintained by IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab, the tiled video wall improves research and education by showing both the details and depth of any project. That means no more scrolling, reorienting, or zooming in and out. The CIB IQ-Wall will help everyone from coders and designers to writers and engineers see project details in context.

The CIB IQ-Wall is powered by a single Windows-based computer, making it as easy to operate as your own PC or laptop. All you need to get started is your IU Network ID.

IQ-Wall fast facts:

  • 24 energy-efficient, flat-screen monitors
  • Resolution: 10080 x 4200 (1680 x 1050 usable resolution per screen)
  • Supports USB and network-enabled storage devices
  • Connects to the IU network
  • Configurable to meet user requirements

For more on using the CIB IQ-Wall for your projects, email:


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