Nov. 14: Celebrate Geographic Information Systems Day

Join us in celebrating GIS Day, the worldwide, annual event highlighting GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology and its applications.

From Google Maps to systems that monitor the spread of disease, GIS technologies help people innovate, take action, and make a difference. IU’s event will focus on the GIS job market, training and certification, and how GIS technologies shape the way we live, learn, and do business.

  • Main event: Wed., Nov. 14, 10am-3:30pm
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library, main lobby (IU Bloomington)
  • Keynote: 4pm, Wells Library, conference room E174

John Steinmetz, Indiana’s state geologist and director of the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS), will deliver the keynote, “Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) for Smarties: All you need to know so you won’t have to ask.”

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