Beware of email scam asking for your IU passphrase

In recent weeks, IU faculty, staff, and students have been targeted by an official-looking email scam. With the subject line “Your Account May Have Been Compromised?,” the message contains a link to a web form that asks for your passphrase.

Don’t do it! If you did, no worries – simply change your passphrase. Learn how here:

Other tips for combatting fraudulent emails:

  • Remember: IU and UITS will never ask for your passphrase in person, by phone, chat, or email.
  • Never share your passphrase, even with friends, family, or computer support personnel.
  • Be suspicious of any email message that asks you to enter or verify personal information through a website or by replying to the message itself.
  • When you recognize a scam message, delete it from your inbox, and then empty it from the deleted items folder to avoid accidentally going to malicious sites.

Learn more:

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