Learn how technology can help your research

Join us at the Research Tech Expo to learn how UITS Research Technologies and IU’s related IT services can help advance your scientific or academic research. Meet the people who can help you match the right tools to your work.

  • IU Bloomington: October 8, 10am-4pm at the Cyberinfrastructure Building
  • IUPUI: October 10, 10am–4pm at the Informatics & Communications Technology Complex

Learn about:

  • Science gateways: Web interfaces to supercomputers, massive storage, and shared workflows
  • Data storage: High-quality storage services for fast access or large data sets
  • Computation: Fast calculations, advanced simulations, and big data analysis
  • Analysis and software: Tools for analytics and big data research
  • Visualization facilities and services: Understanding advanced simulations and big data
  • And much more

Learn more:
http://go.iu.edu/8p8 (IU Bloomington) and http://go.iu.edu/8p9 (IUPUI)

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