Beware of phishing scams: Nobody wants to get duped

Did you get an email that looked like it came from UITS? Did it say something about updating your email and ask you to validate your login through an included link? Was it littered with cringe-worthy grammatical errors?

Don’t click on that link. It’s a phishing scam. Real UITS professionals don’t need your login credentials — ever — and they know how to spell.

The impostors sending these nefarious notes want your login credentials so they can do anything you can do. This includes rerouting your paycheck to their bank account and stealing your identity.

Always remember:
IU will never ask for your passphrase or login credentials via email or over the phone.

If you get an email that looks like it came from IU and it’s asking for that information, report it immediately to the University Information Policy Office ( or contact the Support Center. Also, please be sure to include the full email headers. Learn how >>

Learn more about phishing >>

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