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IU reports potential data exposure

IU notified the Indiana attorney general’s office yesterday of the potential exposure of personal data for some students and recent graduates.

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Keeping IU’s digital information safe

IU’s IT-28 policy is designed to reduce vulnerabilities and exposure as much as possible to protect IU’s digital information.

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More IT news and events for January 29, 2014

Check out the “Talk Nerdy to Me” podcast; Report confirms NSA bulk collection is neither effective nor legal; Leaders in data preservation and access to visit IU Bloomington; NSF grant furthers IU artificial intelligence research to improve health care; IU Big Data course named in top 10 massive open online courses (MOOCs) for techies

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It’s in the vault: Discover a safe way to keep track of your passphrases

With a passphrase vault, you create a single strong passphrase to protect the vault, and the vault program securely stores the rest of your passwords and passphrases for you to access whenever you need them.

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Statewide conference: IU the place to be for IT

Breakout session materials and videos available.

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More IT news and events for November 6, 2013

Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative launches; Save on Dell PCs and accessories, including tablets starting at $147; NSA infiltration of Google and Yahoo networks could undermine US tech leadership; IUPUI University Library launches Center for Digital Scholarship; IU professor receives award for contributions to philosophy and computing

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Register today for the Statewide IT Conference, Oct. 28–30

It’s almost time for the 2013 Statewide IT Conference! The annual gathering of 1IUIT is a great opportunity for us to strengthen relationships and plan for the future. The conference schedule offers something for everyone.

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How it’s done: Resetting your passphrase

The Knowledge Base can walk you through how to address the issue, and many others like it.

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Keeping the bad guys out of your iPhone

Check out the Protect IU Blog for handy tips on keeping your iPhone safe.

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Avoid becoming another phish story

If somebody else has your passphrase, they can do anything you can do. IU will never ask for your passphrase.

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Why are you getting this newsletter?

The Monitor and Newsbit are IU’s official methods of communicating IT services and support. The Newsbit goes out to everyone at IUPUI and IUPUC, while the Monitor covers the rest of IU’s campuses.

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IU’s Kuali Coeus system ensures protections for human research subjects

Jorge JoséIU has implemented the Kuali Coeus Institutional Review Board, a comprehensive online system for the submission, review and approval of human subjects research. With seven Institutional Review Boards and more than 4,800 approved active research studies, IU is the largest university to implement this community-developed open source software.

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More IT news and events for June 26

Latest PRISM disclosures; TED talks won’t earn you points; Research Analytics now in Woodburn Hall; and more

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Imagine the content of your computer screen spread across a 24 x 18 foot wall, tiled with 24 flat screen monitors.

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