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Join Research Technologies every Thursday for a range of topics: Thursday, Feb. 12, 10am-6pm; Wells Library, Scholars Commons

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Supercomputers for everyone

Learn how to put IU’s petaFLOPS of power to work in your research with the “Supercomputing for Everyone” half-day workshop.

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Thousands of US researchers will have easy access to advanced computing tools in a new cloud environment funded by a $6.6M NSF grant to IU (touch for more >>)

Jetstream will be a user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers and students access to computing and data analysis resources on demand — from their tablets, laptops or desktop computers. People will interact with the system through a menu of “virtual machines” designed to support research in many disciplines including biology, atmospheric science, earth science, economics, network science, observational astronomy and social sciences.

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More IT news and events for November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving hours: UITS Support Center at IU Bloomington and IUPUI; New 3D computer lab at IU Southeast; SciPass makes data transfer faster, more secure; In case you missed the last newsletter

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More IT news and events for November 5, 2014

IU adds data science master’s degree; IU computer scientists receive $5M to develop data analysis tools; CIC Arms of Communication Conference; Plug into the Sun II; Celebrate GIS Day

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IU investing $7 million for new complexity institute (touch for more >>)

The $7 million initiative to create the Indiana University Network Science Institute will bring together many of the university’s top minds to explore and embrace the challenge of understanding complex networks that underlie large-scale systems, including the environment, economics, technology and human health.

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Meet Karst, IU’s newest supercomputer

The latest addition to the university’s supercomputing lineup is Karst, a high throughput computing cluster that delivers large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time. Karst will be used mostly for smaller jobs that don’t need Big Red II’s muscle.

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Researchers: Explore tech wizardry at the 2014 Technology Exchange

IU is hosting the 2014 Technology Exchange in Indianapolis October 26-30. Register now and explore the latest in cloud applications, federated identity, cybersecurity, high performance computing, software-defined networking, network function virtualization, and more.

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Supercomputing for all: UITS staffer pens a Wired blog post

Check out Wired magazine’s Innovation Insights blog to read Dave Hancock’s compelling case for funding high performance computing, “Supercomputing for All at a Research University: Is There Really a Debate?”

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IU’s newest supercomputer, Karst, to attract more federal grants, sparking discovery and jobs (touch for more >>)

Karst is a high throughput computing cluster that will be accessible to anyone at IU — faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and departments.

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IndianaMap named one of the most innovative in the world, thanks in part to Research Technologies (touch for more >>)

Earlier this month, the IndianaMap received the award for best open-source data integration at the international 2014 FOSS4G Conference in Portland, Oregon.

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Undergrads: We have some very high-end technology, and we’ll let you use it

You don’t have to be a grad student to use the Big Red II supercomputer, Data Capacitor II high-performance storage, Science on a Sphere, virtual reality theaters, or IQ-wall ultra-high resolution displays. The deadline for fall applications is September 30.

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Students: Take the Expedition Programming Challenge

Challenge offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to attend PRAGMA 27 at IU Bloomington.

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Start visualizing with the CIB IQ-Wall

Imagine the content of your computer screen spread across a 24 x 18 foot wall, tiled with 24 flat screen monitors.

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